Institute for Community Leadership
Create Peace, Construct Community and Strengthen Democracy


Community involves people coming together.  Teaching and learning to strengthen community provides important opportunities to develop social skills, problem solve, and learn about, and serve others.

The Institute for Community Leadership works with young people and families to increase engagement in meaningful community opportunities that result in positive change.   The approach focuses on cultural diversity, communication, civic engagement, and service–oriented projects.

Conducts that are associated with service and civic participation can be taught and learned.  Research shows that the practice of these conducts results in character development and consciousness raising, which in turn leads to development of self–esteem, other-interestedness, mutuality, and care for the physical environment. Research also shows that pro-social teaching and learning improves academic standing, and college readiness and degree completion rates.

Current programs at ICL include Democracy Education classes (and teacher trainings), cultural exchanges, civic action, studying the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and understanding the interrelated histories of our diverse peoples.

The Lost In Today's People

“People use drugs, legal and illegal, because their lives are intolerably painful or dull. They hate their work and find no rest in their leisure. They are estranged from their families and their neighbors. It should tell us something that in healthy societies drug use is celebrative, convivial, and occasional, whereas among us it is lonely, shameful, and addictive. We need drugs, apparently, because we have lost each other.” 
Wendell Berry

The Misses and Leads lines in Education

"A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus."
~Martin Luther King, Jr.

"A child miseducated is a child lost."
~John F. Kennedy
"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom."
~George Washington Carver

Combating Childhood Diabetes and Obesity

Eric Fuller harvesting organic raspberries from the O'Dell Education center.

Students and staff harvest fresh organic fruits and vegatables they've grown at ICL's

O'Dell Education Center.

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