Institute for Community Leadership
Create Peace, Construct Community and Strengthen Democracy


Community involves people coming together.  Teaching and learning to strengthen community provides important opportunities to develop social skills, problem solve, and learn about, and serve others.

The Institute for Community Leadership works with young people and families to increase engagement in meaningful community opportunities that result in positive change.   The approach focuses on cultural diversity, communication, civic engagement, and service–oriented projects.

Conducts that are associated with service and civic participation can be taught and learned.  Research shows that the practice of these conducts results in character development and consciousness raising, which in turn leads to development of self–esteem, other-interestedness, mutuality, and care for the physical environment. Research also shows that pro-social teaching and learning improves academic standing, and college readiness and degree completion rates.

Current programs at ICL include Democracy Education classes (and teacher trainings), cultural exchanges, civic action, studying the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and understanding the interrelated histories of our diverse peoples.

Leadership Seminar with Marla Mellies, Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Puget Sound Energy

Diverse South King county students in the Auburn and Kent School Districts, participated in a Leadership Seminar with Puget Sound Energy's Vice President, Mrs. Marla Mellies. The group discussed the importance of accountability and upholding to commitments because these two attributes make a business or organization strong. Being part of a team requires the group to value each member and strategize who should do what based on their gifts, because everyone has something to be offered. Mrs. Mellies believes that a leader should be more focused on being respected, then liked, otherwise people will treat you how you let them treat you.

ICL Students Meet With State Legislators in Honor of Dr. King Day.

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a delegation of diverse ICL students visited the State Capital in Olympia, where they had the privilege to meet with legislators from multiple districts. The students, from four school districts, extended their gratitude to the legislators for their public service, discussed Dr. King's legacy with them, and presented them with a poster in King's honor. Meetings included a special set with Representative Pat Sullivan, where students discussed King's legacy and it's impact on our public schools. We would not be the diverse world, we are today, if it was not for all the work of Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement.

ICL Presents at Events Honoring Dr. King this Month!

The Institute for Community Leadership presents at over seventeen events honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this month. ICL students spent eight days studying the Life and Legacy of Dr. King in intensive classes during the Winter holiday. They prepared presentations to educate and uplift. Presentations include the Washington State Senate and House of Representatives, the Dr. King March and Rally, numerous school districts, middle and high schools, and State Offices.

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